SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program
Client and Contact Forms

These forms are to be used by navigators for SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program reporting purposes. Please record each contact, counseling session, and follow-up using the forms for your organization below.

Contact Form – Use this form to record contacts for business and/or entrepreneurs who you engaged with as part of your outreach.

SBA 3516 Form – Submit this form when you begin counseling a business. Client must sign the SBA 3516 paper form.

Client Activity Form – Use this form to record all subsequent counseling, support, interactions, and/or follow-ups for clients. If you are unsure if the SBA 3516 Form was previously submitted, please use that form.

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Contact: First direct interaction with a prospect.   (intentional one-on-one calls/emails/or in-person connections)

Consulting:  Assisting an individual or business find and/or apply for services, resources, or funding in a one-on-one session and then following up to see what support they received and if they need further assistance.  SBA Form 3516 is required.