Robotics League Participation Grant

With the recent signing of the biennial budget on September 21, 2017 we are pleased to announce funding for participation in robotics competitions. Under this appropriation, grant awards will be available of up to $5,000 to public schools, 2R and 2X charter schools, private schools and home-based educational programs to facilitate participation in robotics competitions. Eligible teams include students in grades 9 through 12 and have at least one mentor. Allowable expense will include fees, kits, supplies required to participate in robotics competitions, travel expenses, and a stipend for the mentor of an eligible team.

The grant period will be for the 2017 – 2018 school year, with all funds being spent by June 30, 2018. All applications must demonstrate an equal amount of matching funds.

Requirements for Eligible Applicants

Eligible teams of pupils in grades 9-12 from school districts or charter schools established under section 118.40(2r) and (2x), private schools and home-based private education programs may submit one or more applications.

Eligible Teams

All team members must be in grades 9-12 during the grant year.

Robotics Competition

Eligible team participates in a competition that requires teams to design and operate robots. The competition is to be sponsored by a nonprofit corporation as described under s. 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service. The competition organization encourages young people to develop an interest in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.


Each eligible team shall have at least one mentor.

Allowable Expenses

Required fees, required kits, and required supplies to participate in a robotics competition; travel expenses to robotics competition for eligible team members; and a stipend for the mentor of an eligible team.

Matching Expenses

Each applicant shall secure matching funds in an amount equal to amount requested in application.

Funding Availability

There is a maximum award of $5,000. If the requests from applications approved exceed the amount of funding, the department will prorate the amount it awards to each applicant.

Application Due Date

Applications are to be received by 11:59 pm on October 30, 2017. All applicants will receive a letter notifying them of their final application status.

Submit an Online Application

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For questions about this information, contact Brent Kindred (608) 266-2683