Mission Wisconsin: Grow North Regional Update

Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation is proud to host an update event on the “Mission Wisconsin Talent Pipeline” program Thursday, January 10th from 1-3pm at Nicolet College’s Fieldside Center. This informational meeting will have representatives from Team Wisconsin present including individuals from Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Workforce Development and WEDC. The session will provide a broad overview of this initiative, metrics to date, and information on how local businesses can become involved.

Mission Wisconsin provides opportunities for all Wisconsin businesses – regardless of size, to engage in the talent attraction outreach efforts for transitioning service members and their families.

A key component of the campaign involves having a team of state employees and private-sector representatives visit Hiring our Heroes transition summits at military bases throughout the country and at select installations abroad to tout the attributes of Wisconsin. The delegation has visited bases in three states so far and personally interacted with more than 850 service members.

Each business that registers with the new “Mission Wisconsin Talent Pipeline” initiative will be asked to provide information on its open positions and what skill sets the company is seeking. After each transition summit, the Wisconsin delegation will provide that company with access to vetted résumés for transitioning veterans and their spouses who may be a good match for those openings.

“Since we launched our campaign to attract transitioning veterans, we have not only talked to hundreds of military personnel interested in learning more about Wisconsin, but we have heard from many state employers who want to be part of this effort,” said Tricia Braun, deputy secretary and chief operating officer of WEDC. “’Mission Wisconsin’ will provide state companies interested in hiring veterans with a unique way to connect to these talented individuals.”

“Whether a company desires to hire one, 10, 100 or 1,000 veterans, I encourage interested companies to partner with us,” said DVA Secretary Daniel Zimmerman. “Not only does such a partnership bring quality employees to local businesses, but it also brings prospective members to local veterans and community service organizations. Hiring veterans is a winning proposition for all involved.”

Pre-registration is encouraged. Interested businesses can sign up to learn more information on WEDC’s Mission Wisconsin webpage. More information here: Mission Wisconsin Overview (004)