About Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation

Grow North helps connect local economies in Northern Wisconsin to resources that might not be available to any one smaller region. Grow North is a Non-Profit 501(c)(6) Non-Profit Organization headquartered in Rhinelander, Wisconsin (Oneida County) that serves the greater Northeast Wisconsin Region.

Grow North follows four main strategies to accomplish our mission and has developed actions to move the organization forward in development of the economy of the region.

  • Strengthen relationships and two-way communication so as to understand economic development issues and be able to act on those issues. Leverage, collaborate and coordinate efforts for the region on Federal, State, and Local levels.
  • Monitor issues that impact economic development in the region, and be a voice to advocate for change.
  • Market the economic strengths and natural assets of the region to those within and beyond the region.
  • Continue consistent presence and dialogue with Federal and State Agencies and Officials.

Grow North Team

Tommy Wartman, Director

Tommy is director for Grow North and Project Coordinator for The GRID and the Wisconsin Northwoods Navigators (WiNN) Grant. Tommy has a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Business and Psychology. Tommy is highly skilled in operations and process management, has an amazing ability to streamline processes, and is a spreadsheet guru!! In addition, Tommy brings the perspective of being a small business owner from Minnesota.

Tommy Wartman Grow North