How Coderpreneurs Can Start Their Businesses on the Right Foot

How Coderpreneurs Can Start Their Businesses on the Right Foot

Article By: Vanessa Holwell

Want to be your own boss and turn your software development hobby into a full-time occupation? When you’re just starting as a coderpreneur, you’d do well to keep the following principles in mind.

The Value You Bring to the Table

In addition to creating and maintaining software and debugging apps and websites, engineers or programmers can contribute to these business functions:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Forecasting
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain management
  • Security
  • Standing out from competitors

Know your value, research rates, and price your time appropriately for your experience level. If you’re targeting clients in Rhinelander, WI, find out what local developers charge per hour or project.

How to Start a Freelance Business

Once you choose the self-employment route, you’ll have to consider whether to operate as a sole proprietor or form an LLC. It’s worth chatting to a CPA about tax implications at the outset.


Be sure to plan for the first few months of not having a steady paycheck. Put savings from your salaried job away so you can comfortably focus on getting your business off the ground. It takes some time to build your client base, so hang in there and don’t give up when faced with this initial hurdle.


If you haven’t already done so, learn how to communicate professionally. You might have all the talent in the world, but if you lack cultural sensitivity or sound manners, you may struggle to acquire and retain clients at this important juncture of your career.


In a bid to establish your business, don’t stretch yourself too thin. The last thing you need is to suffer from burnout.

How to Promote Your New Venture

Identify Your Target Market

Securing contract work in the gig economy depends, in part, on your ability to market yourself well. First thing’s first: Zenbusiness recommends you should outline your target market and ideal buyer types. This shouldn’t limit you in any way. It simply means that your messaging and marketing spend concentrates on the groups most likely to convert.

Do your research by considering your current customer base, your competitors’ customers, and who can benefit from your unique selling proposition. Don’t just consider demographics such as age, income level, location, and industry. Take psychographics such as values, personality, and lifestyle into account too.

Make Connections

Put together an online portfolio showing off the work you’ve done. These real-world examples show potential clients what they stand to gain from working with you. It’s a good idea to emphasize any specialist knowledge you have to get access to niche markets and higher fees.

Sign up on freelance websites such as Upwork, and create a simple but effective website for your company with SEO best practices in mind. Use your personal and professional networks to gain some traction on social media, and spend on precisely targeted search and social media ads.

Round Out Your Skill Set in Wisconsin

Starting a career as a coderpreneur can be challenging. But if you have the requisite skills and the know-how to promote your offering, it can be game-changing for your earning prospects.

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