We are Grow North

Grow North is a catalyst for economic prosperity in the Northwoods region.

Workforce Cultivation

Efforts include deepening K-12 and business relations, supporting a healthy Childcare sector, expanding employee incentives in rural communities, and upskilling efforts. Find out more here.

Workforce Housing

Grow North supports local workforce housing development efforts by supporting early stage housing conversations, ongoing resource sharing, and upcoming larger efforts. Learn how you can participate here.

SBA Community Navigator

Reach out to us at the contact below to find out how we are helping to connect small businesses with resources of all kinds.

More information on the Broadband Equity Access and Development (BEAD) Grants available at: https://grownorth.org/initiatives/

Our Cornerstone Investors

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Find out more about who we are, reach out to us below:
Looking for more information about Grow North?  Send us an e-mail, or call at 715-365-4468.